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We at ISSC Tech, want to showcase some of the most amazing and elusive slot and table games which will help individuals enjoy their time with us.



One of the popular game in our casino are the slot games. We have some of the huge variety of slot games which has allowed our customers to connect with us.



One game which can even mean a loss to us is Blackjack. We want to make sure that you are always enjoying an enhanced experience of the game with us.


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Most Loved Games

When you have an online casino, there are certain games which will stand out from the rest. These are some of the best games people enjoy playing.



A game intimidating as well as fun which is perfect for our live audience due to the communication it provides.



Another game which is more popular is the Roulette this can be due to many facts that this is the only game which relies entirely on luck.


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Best Pop Culture Slots

The overabundance of slots in casinos has led to the floors to be crowded almost all year round. Gambling is not a new concept, and it has brought about various games into the picture as well. Slot machines have been the engaging lot in a casino for the fact that they don’t need much wit to play. Over the past several decades, all casino games have experienced slight changes, mainly with the new versions being released. But slots don’t resemble with the other games for this feature. The machines have surely been developed with better technologies having been incorporated into it, but it has always been the plots or themes of the game that attracts more players to it.

Egyptian or Greek mythology can be seen in many machines in casinos, and people crave for it too. A separate fanbase for the slots has been generated over time, with most of the fans dying to play games with new features or themes. Hundreds of themes are adopted every year to create slot machines, and only a few of them manage to become popular worldwide. Most of them turn out to be the ones related to movies, TV shows, or books since all these fields share a huge number of fans. With a myriad of machines to select from, here are some of the best slots based on movies and TV shows that have become a part of the pop culture.

1.      Gladiator

Having Russel Crowe appear on the gaming screen with a mask for the war of bonuses and coins would be a great experience for both the movie and slots fans. It has been in the casinos for quite some time now, but it remains popular in the major cities. Developed by Playtech and based on the Oscar-winning classic, Gladiator has its heart at the right place with graphics and sound effects that are so engaging as to hook all the players to the very end. All the main characters of the movie appear as major symbols, and the Coliseum Bonus gets triggered by scatter symbols. The Wilds in the game triggers the Gladiator Bonus Round and substitutes virtually every symbol.


2.      Terminator 2

“I will be back!” had the vibe of sending a message to the audience that Arnold will be back on the big screen, which he did. But there was an entry of his onto the smaller gaming screens in casinos. Microgaming was the brain behind bringing this iconic character to digital life in slots. There are 243 ways to pay in Terminator, meaning that you get better chances to win a combination. With three or more scatters, you will be able to activate free spins feature, and 1024 ways to win will bring you 10 free spins.

3.      Game of Thrones

This epic series that lasted for about a decade had its fans waiting for each season to hit the screens. Two years ahead of its last season, the ‘Game of Thrones’ remains to live through the slots machines. Although you cannot meet your favorite characters here, the symbols of their houses are your luck-determiners. Having been developed by Microgaming, Game of Thrones have its set of features that makes it unique from the other games developed by the same company.

Strategies for playing online casino games

Casino gambling games are very popular and numerous agen casino online people attached to these games. Everyone has some good as well as some bad experiences with online Casino gambling. You cannot able to forget those brilliant and great sessions in which everything has happened the way you want. But if you want to win […]


How to Protect Yourself Against Thieves While Playing in Casinos

Not everything in this world is sunshine and unicorns exuding positivity with every action of people surrounding us. There is no stopping humans from falling into gluttony or desperation as many of them do so due to their living conditions, whereas some others have programmed their minds to prey on others for a living. This blog is not about the underprivileged people or the world of crime and slums; we are looking at the world of influential people in suits and dazzling shoes. Casinos, like any other place on this planet, have visitors from all walks of life trying out their luck. Not all of them come in there knowing what to expect from a night of gambling.

Carrying a bag of money wouldn’t always be considered safe on the casino floors since other hands could possibly go in there to leave your baffled. If you are a frequent visitor and make bets regularly, the thieves will know the amount of money you would be carrying and will have well-thought-out plans to grab the money from your pocket. To live in a Utopian world would be a blessing, which we are deprived of at the moment; so, we need to keep a palm over your money to make sure that it is safe. Here are two tips that could help you stay away from the chances of being robbed.


1.      Hold onto Your Wallet and Purse

Pickpocketing is a common practice in casinos that even the securities are left helpless in many situations. They are also least concerned about several such cases since tailing the thief and grabbing him is nearly an impossible task with hundreds of visitors in the casinos. Anyone could easily bump into you and apologize for it as he/she flicks the wallet from your pocket. Purses aren’t safe either; it could get robbed just when you place it on the table to adjust your suit or shoes. There are numerous ways to get your wallets and purses out of your pockets; so, make sure to glue it onto your palms to avoid being thieved.

2.      Be Less Obvious

One of the biggest mistakes of all gamblers is that they display themselves as a winner, which is, in a way, sketching yourself out to make you the thief’s target. Unlike in the aforementioned point, it is your intelligence that is being questioned here. The thieves surely are skilled; beating them with your brains is the only path to having a successful gambling night. Try not to be too obvious with what you hold in terms of money or other accessories that are worth a few dollars.

Avoid flaunting your winnings at the casinos and wearing clothes and jewelry extravagantly to grab attention. These are the factors that could get all eyes on you that the cunning eyes would be harder to differentiate. Also, try not to be lost in your phone or other devices while in the casinos since these are the perfect moment for the thieves to swoop by and thieve you of your money and other possessions.

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